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760AG-Ultrasound Scanner Veterinary

760AG-Ultrasound Scanner Veterinary

Product Description

Advanced diagnosis with quality ultrasound images in a portable ultrasound scanner. A user-friendly and high performance ultrasound scanner dedicated to veterinary applications on all animal sizes. ideal for tendon and advanced cardiovascular users. Multi tasking unit for large busy practices or for ambulatory veterinarian and specialist imaging services. Robust for routine scanner for detailed equine reproduction.

Easy to use software and technology with dispaly and view large quality images, Faster frame rates and excellent colour sensitivity, image archive,

USB for image export formats to BMP, jpeg ,DICOM,

LAN DICOM Server connectivity

Fast ultrasound exam and probe with easy to use user interface, exceptional Echo & Flow visualisation

Dedicated Patient Screen- with pet & owner name, pet height, length, weight

EasyOptim- Provides easy & quick image optimisation

Spatial Compounding- Improved image quality

Trapezoidal Imaging- Expanded field of view

Hyper Sensitive PW & Options to connect CW Doppler and pencil probes.

Application Specification

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