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wifi Ultrasound pocket size, Q7
Pocket wifi ultrasound scanner with multiple probe options
  • Pocket wifi ultrasound scanner with multiple probe options
  • Pocket wifi ultrasound scanner with multiple probe options
  • Pocket wifi ultrasound scanner with multiple probe options
  • Pocket wifi ultrasound scanner with multiple probe options

wifi Ultrasound pocket size, Q7

Product Description

 Pocket size Wifi Ultrasound Scanner which is just a probe!

Replacing basic Stethoscope, New! 2020 advanced technology,

View ireal time images on as ipad ultrasound scannerphones or tablet devices.

Probe Head can be changed to match application needs!

Making these medical device a most light weight yet very versetile easy to use.

Perform ultrasound examination in any place

Free from cables, mains power.

Small size and weight allows scans in even none restrictive clinical locations or enviroment. 


No external Wifi network required,

No Probe cables,

No weight issues, Ideal for emmergency and  quick avilability and mobility.

Fully charged works on battries for 4-5 Hrs, long battery time


Display wise, choose what is avilable!  no limitations for operating systems or device.

Phone, Android, Tabled, iOS phones, or Windows based  Devices. giving small for portability to larger flat screen for easier viewing. USB connected operation also possible.

Wide applications and versetility

Linear, Convex, Endo cavity, Micro convex, just change optional heads.

Low cost B&W for basic single applications.

Doppler Colour Doppler units configurations to match budget and applications.

No probe connectors means less trouble from such parts. 

Lower enegy consumptions and material waste and consumable material costs.

wifi or USB with Smart Mobile Phones, iPads, or with Personal computers, hence in most cases no duplications for costs of displays or computer side of electronics. No additional hardware or cables required other than commercially available safe charger and compatible USB cable.

Optional front plug and scan ultrasound arrays 

Optional Attachments for Ultrasound applications abdominal vascular endocavity or micro convex

avilable for users just to plug in for different Ultrasound applications! easy to change front Part of Ultrasound Array with Optional transducer array. No tools Convex to Linear or Phased or Endo-cavity Or Micro Convex ..etc

Versatility and IP rated robust construction is builtin, Low cost multiple application light weight, easy to carry long operation time on a single charge. Easy to transport and adopt to medical emergency Humanitarian health camps and disaster management 

Hand Held Pocket Ultrasound scanner with changeable probe heads having own wi_fi connection with software to now widely available any smart displays, Phone, Touch Pad devices, Personal Computer or most smart phones. long battery gives fantastic possibilities for making ultrasound examination at any time any where quickly. Allows real time ultrasound imaging on a Phone, Touch Pad devices, Personal Computer or most smart phones used by a trained medics for the use fo ultrasound applications and ultrasound guided procedures.

This advancement in technology opens up, wide range of medical examination possibilities with applications for medics in Hospital Wards, Emergency areas, Point of care at General Practice, Disaster or for Humanitarian urgent response requirements. For medics with stethoscopes, what is even more batter is that this is always avilable to you, and can be done now at fraction of the costs, For most applications leaving very expensive scanners and resources to focus on what can be regarded very detailed and essential only hospital based services.

Google Android, iOS, and PC mobile or tablet compatible.

Storage  of images and moving files: Allows use of own privet protected storage or cloud compatible with owned existing compatible smart devices.

Free future upgrades included.

Also, compatible with Android Head Mount display devices where it may be helpful or required.

Application Specification

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