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Veterinary Testimonials

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My experiences with Pie Data have always been great. Their scanners are easy to use and they offer a wide range of probes which is useful with the range of animals and body parts I work with. I appreciate how they abide by the time spans the quote as well as their promise of support and service afte...

Posted On : 03 Apr, 2017 - Peter Read More »

Pie Data offers ultrasound scanners that are true to their promises; they are affordable, portable and diagnostic in the most brilliant ways. With a great knowledge base of the industry, they are one of the best vet ultrasound suppliers I have met. I appreciated the out of hours support.

Posted On : 03 Apr, 2017 - John Read More »

I am a seasoned veterinarian and have been using the ultrasound scanners of Pie Data from the past 3 years. In comparison to previous scanners and suppliers I have worked with, their scanners are portable and available at the best market price and the service post-sale is always brilliant.

Posted On : 03 Apr, 2017 - Elle Read More »

Our Experiance? If one has used an Ultrasound scanner since 1970's, may be you have seen one of these! One of the early portables that we supplied! Test!

Posted On : 20 Sep, 2016 - Pie Data Experiance Read More »